Dance Film Premieres

Always the dilemma of an artist: do you spend time running the business of promoting yourself to do you actually do the act of creativity? I’ve obviously chosen the latter since I last updated the blog in 2013, but I am happy to have time to post something of interest.

at the Art in Odd Places Festival

at the Art in Odd Places Festival

This week, Art in Odd Places will be having an archival celebration at Governor’s Island where my film “Zero” starring the young dancers of Jump! Dance Company under the artistic direction of Mary Paula Hunter will be premiering.  If you can’t come to their opening tomorrow, Sep. 13th, the film will also have its New Jersey premiere at the Outlet Dance Project’s Film Festival at the Grounds for Sculpture on Thursday, Oct. 2 at 7:30pm.

I have been very interested in finding dance films simply by walking around NYC, which is what happened when I made this film.  Several young girls all wear shirts bearing the number zero notating the number of women in specific professions (such as “zero female directors NYCB”—shame on you ballet dance world—in a world full of ballerinas why one of them can’t be at the top of your organization is beyond many of us).  I ended up following them around for the afternoon winding up in this collaborative project.

lee sunday evans stars in "sunday" at the Irish Memorial NYC

Sorry to say that though I publicized on facebook and email, I did not have time to post to this blog about last Friday’s premiere of “sunday” starring Lee Sunday Evans with original sound score by Jesse Neuman.  Taking place at the Irish Memorial in downtown NYC, the film evokes the memory of the past reflected into the present.

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Ann Makes Dances: The Year in Review – 2013

As I spend this snowy day catching up on archiving choreography videos and photographs, thought I’d share the multitude of projects that got underway for me in 2013!

choreography by Ann Robideaux

Silly patriotic dance

As always, the annual upper school musical, where I teach full-time, went up in February, this time with the classic “Gypsy”.  Not sure I still feel ok with high school girls parading around as strippers but I suppose the overall story has some women empowerment involved. And anyway, they love it.  In any case, most musical-goers love it. I always love the pro photos that come out of these musicals.

dances for rectangles at Earthdance

dances for rectangles at Earthdance

In March, I took a rejuvenating and creative residency at Earthdance in the Berkshires. The enormous, circular dance studio was my own private playground resulting in a long and creative time working on solo work.  Special thanks to their director Sarah Young for coordinating my stay and bringing me some popcorn on command.  This place definitely has a hippie vibe and I loved the shared meals and friendly staff as well.

Summer Solstice Dancing 2013
As the school year wound down for the summer, I took some time to visit the large Swedish festival in downtown Manhattan on summer solstice.  I always loved the maypole growing up and at this event, you get to see a load of great dances—ones where masses of people sing, act like animals at a times and generally dance in the round.  I’ll definitely be back.

Continuing along the “NYC Dances” series I’ve been working on for a few years, I created 5 short films thanks to dancers Aaron Draper, Lee Sunday Evans (hers is in progress), Sharon Flanagan, Daniela Grosso and Edwin Ferreras of LatinFX , Devika Wickremisinghe with music collaborators Pete Robbins and Julio Montero’s Cunao.  Will definitely find a spring time screening for these in 2014.  Meanwhile, I suppose NYC is just not big enough for me….so I am continuing to find local dancers, both professional and nonprofessional, to create short dance films, referring to them now as the “Short Story” series.  2014 screenings TBA.

Counselors at Camp Clio compete in a "dance off" with the campers as the judges.

Counselors at Camp Clio compete in a “dance off” with the campers as the judges.

In July, I partnered with MusicworksNYC to teach dance classes at Camp Clio—not only a worthwhile cause and summer camp but loads of fun.  Thanks for the connection, Jamie!

I later went down to Oaxaca for the “2 Mondays” of dances at the Guelaguetza.  If you like dance and music from other countries, this should be a must on your travel list.  Guelaguetza Street Parade 2013

After several years of planning, I finally made my way down to Rosario, Argentina to teach and create film at the Rave de Danza  hosted by Rosa Maria Torres and Marcela Cejas-Calfuqueo.  I had the pleasure of working with Barcelona-based, Cuban dancer Yamira Sanchez Bautista, dancing with people in the street.  I also filmed a few of the “raves” which are somewhat like flashmobs (click on flashmobs for some video footage)—check out the BRAND NEW VIDEO (the first in “Short Stories”) here!

Platforma Lavardem, the beautiful theater where we filmed site-specific dance, Argentina.

Platforma Lavardem, the beautiful theater where we filmed site-specific dance, Argentina.

Hardly catching up on my sleep post 28 hours of Argentina travel time back to the states, The Outlet Dance Project, NJ’s largest outdoor dance festival featuring female choreographers came upon my heels. This was my second year co-directing the festival and I was very pleased with the dance films that were submitted (that’s mainly my department, though certainly I work in every part of the festival).  I showed “Tudors”, a dance film shot in Bryant Park and one of my favorites, “The Long Nighters in the very short day” by ann and alexx make dances.   Remember to look forward to next October for this awesome fest.

Simultaneous to the Outlet Dance Festival, alexx and I also presented our film installation at the Oklahoma Dance Film Festival.  I was sad not to make it down there, not only because I had work being shown, but also because Joan Karlen was teaching a workshop there.  I’m definitely marking this off on my calendar for next fall—hopefully at a different time than the Outlet’s Festival this time.

Don’t stop now…I did a small bit of work on Shakespeare’s “As you like it” this fall (yes, he was actually there) and just started rehearsals for February’s showing of “Urinetown”—definitely one of my favorite musicals…one that makes fun of musicals while delivering a social message.

Kate Patchett in a Drawing Lightscapes performance

Kate Patchett in a Drawing Lightscapes performance

Finally, when we had all this snow dumped on us, I had some time to get my fiscal act together again.  Happy to say I will be fiscally sponsored again soon so people (like you)  can make TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS towards any of my creative endeavors.  Special thanks to Mary Robideaux (mom, the best supporter ever) for the first donation of 2014 which will pay for the sponsorship fees AND my roundtrip up to Albany where I will work with Yael Erel of Lighttexure on a new piece incorporating dance and light.  You can see some of the past work I have done with her on the link above.

Whew!  If you made it this far, thanks for reading.  Happy New Year everyone and happy dancing!!!!

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Rave de Danza para Todos: Rosario, Argentina

After a decade of conversations and discussions with the directors of the Rave de la Danza, I get to be a guest artist this year at this biennial dance festival…one of the largest in Latin America.  Emphasis is on opening dance to everyone, whether you are a professional or someone who wants to try dancing, culminating in a huge outdoor dance in the center of Rosario, Argentina.  I’m looking forward to taking class with Cuban dancer Yamira and with former part-New Yorker, Australian Rebecca Hilton.  (Though many of you may only know B.Aires, Rosario is one of the largest cultural centers in the country). I can’t wait. Thanks to Princeton Day School for a professional development grant to attend.  More info here:!cursos/cvc5

and here:!ann

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Dancing with the Locals in Oaxaca

Oaxaca, Mexico is the home to the most amazing indigenous dance festival. Everyone welcomes you with open arms and shots of mezcal….here’s my attempt at learning one of the simpler steps.

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The Real Oaxaca, Part II

Bugs rule Oaxaca.  Apparently, VW runs a giant beatle factory and hence some of the reason you’ll find these on nearly every street corner. 



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The Real Oaxaca, Part I

ImageOne of the most promoted parts of tourism for Oaxaca, Mexico is the cuisine, and rightfully so.  This is the home of the real moles amongst many other dishes and unusual and tasty ingredients.  For this reason, I intentionally looked up cooking schools in the area for my travels.  Good for Oaxaca, many locals and expats have figured out that cooking classes geared to tourists are a great way to make a living.  There are several to choose from including a few from well-known chefs (or at least the restaurants they advise in the U.S. are famous).  

We really didn’t want to sign up for a large tourist class at a gringo price (read, costs nearly as much as a cooking class in New York, ouch) and we wanted something with a local flavor.  Ironically, my husband found our cooking experience through Rick Bayles on twitter.  We found ourselves communicating on email through oaxacatours, which, at least at the moment, does not have an updated website or a full marketing campaign in force.  Very fortunate for us, because apparently, our chef may make an appearance on PBS soon.  In any case…

We were more than pleasantly surprised by taking a risk of using a non-seasoned tourist-driven cooking class.  We were asked by email to take a taxi to a home just outside of town (note, speaking Spanish would be helpful..fortunately, I do).  Upon arrival, our teacher Andres opened a large door to a beautiful and humble home filled with fruit trees and two friendly, chained up dogs.  After some conversation with Andres and his partners (brother Fernando and sister Lani), who all, by the way, speak fluent English, we got down to the 6-hour job of creating a dish of mole negro (mine on top of mushrooms) along with beans, avocado, cheeses, and a platano desert.  I won’t give away all the secrets since I plan on using them for Thanksgiving dinner this year, but let’s just say, this experience was one of the best things we did while visiting the region.  You can also take a highly recommend tour of local sites from Fernando, who is an historical expert in this arena.  We can’t wait to see this family again. 


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NYC Dances in Princeton


New Jerseyers, If you missed the films, “NYC Dances” in Brooklyn because you were too lazy to take NJ transit to Penn Station, then 2 other subway lines and a 10 minute walk to get there, now you’re in luck.  Just drive your gas guzzling vehicle to PDS, park a 30 second walk to the door, and you can see them playing on a loop in the art gallery.  NYC Dances are a series of dance films where I ask random NYC park-goers to dance for the camera.  They will uplift you like nothing else during the Sandy Aftermath and afterwards, you’re going to want me to do one about Princeton too.  

The Anne Reid ’72 Art Gallery500 The Great Road, Princeton, NJ 08540



secret lives

faculty and staff exhibit November 27 to December 19, 2012

Artists Reception Tuesday, November 27th 11:30 to 1:00 p.m.

Gallery Hours

Monday through Friday/8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

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Coming up: NYC DANCES in Sternberg Park

Don’t miss the 2nd year of Ann Robideaux’s “NYC DANCES”, dance films that are filmed in public parks, with public participants and screened for free to the public on a NYC public park raquetball court wall presented by MovieHouse.

A fortuitous and spontaneous collaboration…a valuable project.       -blogger Alex Nixon

This year, Ann came across 15 girls in brightly colored tutus, young boys who wanted to show off their basketball skills and several other friendly “strangers”.  “Fun and heart-warming pieces” …see the culimination in several short films premiering this evening.

MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 8pm in Sternberg Park, Brooklyn, NY at Lorimer and Boerum.

Click HERE for map.

Featuring artistic contributions by Rosa Maria Torres, Eric Biondo, Chris Carlone, Megan Sipe, Sarah Young, Nadia Lesy, Sasha Santiago, Matsuda, Tabs, Samantha Jakus, Sherry Allen’s “The Rock Out Crew” and many public park goers!

Still not sold on going? Here’s some raw playground footage to check out and a short video taken by a member of last year’s crowd…but of course, we will only show the polished and finished products at Cinema Parque, Aug. 27th!

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The Outlet Dance Project

Very happy to be directing the annual dance festival at the Grounds for Sculpture for the fall of 2012….you can still submit your choreography applications to us until April 30!

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New Year’s Resolution Continued…

Yes, I am still taking photos, I just haven’t uploaded them yet.  Now try to mix and match the photo to the descriptions.  So here we go:

Jan.6th…elated to find a silver Warhol on the north end of Union Square.  Jan. 7th: Dancing to music at the Public Theater, Jan. 8 Alexx techs “Below the Metal, Skin” at Third Ward; Jan. 9th, building yoga pyramids, Jan. 10th learning to fly; Jan. 11, sunset walk through Princeton; Jan. 12, my mom’s birthday…since I did so much online shopping for her gift, I thought that looking at all those pictures would serve as an equivalent to actually taking a photo. Friday, Jan. 13th I run into my future sister-in-law on the bus and am once again amazed at how small NYC can be; Jan. 14 Korea Town for lunch; Jan. 15, my camera is not working well on Sunday so I choose a former photo from 2011 from my “Emerald City” series.  And finally, today, Jan. 16, MLK day…some great gospel music at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.  

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