Coming up: NYC DANCES in Sternberg Park

Don’t miss the 2nd year of Ann Robideaux’s “NYC DANCES”, dance films that are filmed in public parks, with public participants and screened for free to the public on a NYC public park raquetball court wall presented by MovieHouse.

A fortuitous and spontaneous collaboration…a valuable project.       -blogger Alex Nixon

This year, Ann came across 15 girls in brightly colored tutus, young boys who wanted to show off their basketball skills and several other friendly “strangers”.  “Fun and heart-warming pieces” …see the culimination in several short films premiering this evening.

MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 8pm in Sternberg Park, Brooklyn, NY at Lorimer and Boerum.

Click HERE for map.

Featuring artistic contributions by Rosa Maria Torres, Eric Biondo, Chris Carlone, Megan Sipe, Sarah Young, Nadia Lesy, Sasha Santiago, Matsuda, Tabs, Samantha Jakus, Sherry Allen’s “The Rock Out Crew” and many public park goers!

Still not sold on going? Here’s some raw playground footage to check out and a short video taken by a member of last year’s crowd…but of course, we will only show the polished and finished products at Cinema Parque, Aug. 27th!

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