The Real Oaxaca, Part I

ImageOne of the most promoted parts of tourism for Oaxaca, Mexico is the cuisine, and rightfully so.  This is the home of the real moles amongst many other dishes and unusual and tasty ingredients.  For this reason, I intentionally looked up cooking schools in the area for my travels.  Good for Oaxaca, many locals and expats have figured out that cooking classes geared to tourists are a great way to make a living.  There are several to choose from including a few from well-known chefs (or at least the restaurants they advise in the U.S. are famous).  

We really didn’t want to sign up for a large tourist class at a gringo price (read, costs nearly as much as a cooking class in New York, ouch) and we wanted something with a local flavor.  Ironically, my husband found our cooking experience through Rick Bayles on twitter.  We found ourselves communicating on email through oaxacatours, which, at least at the moment, does not have an updated website or a full marketing campaign in force.  Very fortunate for us, because apparently, our chef may make an appearance on PBS soon.  In any case…

We were more than pleasantly surprised by taking a risk of using a non-seasoned tourist-driven cooking class.  We were asked by email to take a taxi to a home just outside of town (note, speaking Spanish would be helpful..fortunately, I do).  Upon arrival, our teacher Andres opened a large door to a beautiful and humble home filled with fruit trees and two friendly, chained up dogs.  After some conversation with Andres and his partners (brother Fernando and sister Lani), who all, by the way, speak fluent English, we got down to the 6-hour job of creating a dish of mole negro (mine on top of mushrooms) along with beans, avocado, cheeses, and a platano desert.  I won’t give away all the secrets since I plan on using them for Thanksgiving dinner this year, but let’s just say, this experience was one of the best things we did while visiting the region.  You can also take a highly recommend tour of local sites from Fernando, who is an historical expert in this arena.  We can’t wait to see this family again. 


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