Coming up: NYC DANCES in Sternberg Park

Don’t miss the 2nd year of Ann Robideaux’s “NYC DANCES”, dance films that are filmed in public parks, with public participants and screened for free to the public on a NYC public park raquetball court wall presented by MovieHouse.

A fortuitous and spontaneous collaboration…a valuable project.       -blogger Alex Nixon

This year, Ann came across 15 girls in brightly colored tutus, young boys who wanted to show off their basketball skills and several other friendly “strangers”.  “Fun and heart-warming pieces” …see the culimination in several short films premiering this evening.

MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 8pm in Sternberg Park, Brooklyn, NY at Lorimer and Boerum.

Click HERE for map.

Featuring artistic contributions by Rosa Maria Torres, Eric Biondo, Chris Carlone, Megan Sipe, Sarah Young, Nadia Lesy, Sasha Santiago, Matsuda, Tabs, Samantha Jakus, Sherry Allen’s “The Rock Out Crew” and many public park goers!

Still not sold on going? Here’s some raw playground footage to check out and a short video taken by a member of last year’s crowd…but of course, we will only show the polished and finished products at Cinema Parque, Aug. 27th!

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The Outlet Dance Project

Very happy to be directing the annual dance festival at the Grounds for Sculpture for the fall of 2012….you can still submit your choreography applications to us until April 30!

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New Year’s Resolution Continued…

Yes, I am still taking photos, I just haven’t uploaded them yet.  Now try to mix and match the photo to the descriptions.  So here we go:

Jan.6th…elated to find a silver Warhol on the north end of Union Square.  Jan. 7th: Dancing to music at the Public Theater, Jan. 8 Alexx techs “Below the Metal, Skin” at Third Ward; Jan. 9th, building yoga pyramids, Jan. 10th learning to fly; Jan. 11, sunset walk through Princeton; Jan. 12, my mom’s birthday…since I did so much online shopping for her gift, I thought that looking at all those pictures would serve as an equivalent to actually taking a photo. Friday, Jan. 13th I run into my future sister-in-law on the bus and am once again amazed at how small NYC can be; Jan. 14 Korea Town for lunch; Jan. 15, my camera is not working well on Sunday so I choose a former photo from 2011 from my “Emerald City” series.  And finally, today, Jan. 16, MLK day…some great gospel music at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.  

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Below the Metal, Skin: 1/8/12

Very happy with annandalexxmakedances latest installation screened on three channels with music by Camila Maling.  Loved seeing the Lilac Steamship come to life in a new way.  Hearing our audience feedback was also so valuable (some people thought the ship was an old factory or a war zone). Many thanks to Chris Henderson and the staff at Moviehouse and Third Ward for taking a chance on this dance-film project.  Can’t wait to do this again in a space where viewers can walk around and pick and choose their own adventure.  

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Jan. 4th: Love the Bloomberg building

Love this circular driveway in the midst of I’d love to make a dance there someday:

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Jan. 3rd: Noticing things right under your nose

I’ve walked by this taxi stand every week for at least a year, but it never jumped out at me until now.

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Jan. 2 Photo: New Year’s Smoothie with Avocado, Banana and Almond Milk..YUM!


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